Lent & Easter

​​​​Brisbane Catholic Education schools are faith-filled communities observing Lent (the time leading up to Easter Sunday) and celebrate Easter Sunday as one of the most important events in the Catholic calendar, followed by the Easter Season, lasting 50 days until the Pentecost.

The season o​f Lent is a time when Christians reflect on our lives and consider what sort of person we are becoming. It allows us to prepare for the great feast of Easter. Athletes, singers, dancers and anyone with a special skill will develop that skill by doing very specific exercises. Lent is a time when we do spiritual exercises to develop our own goodness.

Often in the past, Catholics thought of these exercises in a negative way. It used to be considered important to ‘give something up’ for Lent, but we can think of it more positively. What specific things can we do over the next six weeks that will help us to become a better people? What things can we do that will develop our talents, relationships and our sense of service? In short, what things can we do that will make us more loving?

We often say that Lent is a time of ‘repentance’. Jesus used this word a lot but the actual word the gospel writers used was ‘metanoia’. This Greek word means ‘change of heart’. So Lent is a time when we change direction or at least realign ourselves with the things that are really important. It’s time to put away the things that distract us or prevent us from being our best selves.​​

Brisbane Catholic Education has created some activities for families to learn more or celebrate the Lent & Easter Season:​​

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