Starting school

​​​​​Starting school is a rite of passage for every child and can be a significant milestone for both parent and child alike. Brisbane Catholic Education shares some expert advice about how to make starting school a smooth and comfortable experience to set children up for educational success.


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Going to Big School?

Big school is exciting but a big time of change. We gathered some advice from the experts to help with a smooth transition from Kindergarten to school.

Learning in Prep

Prep graduates share some expert advice about what you can expect to learn throughout the year.

Packing your school bag

Beau has some advice about what to put in your school bag before the first day of school.

Advice from our students

Moving from primary to secondary college can be a big hurdle with new subjects, friendships, essays and timetables to balance. We gathered some tips from Year 7 graduates about navigating these challenges.

Digital Self​ie frames​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Download your school specific selfie frame to use on social media for your child's first day of school. Schools are in alphabetical order.