Be a 5th Gospel

Be a 5th Gospel is meaningful and purposeful formation program that empowers Years 5 and 6 students to have confidence in who they have been created to be, particularly as they transition into Secondary school. It also provides the opportunity for students in Years 9-11 to engage in peer-to-peer ministry as they participate as co-facilitators throughout the day. The program is designed to inspire each student to be unafraid of "living their faith" as they transition into secondary school to ensure each student feels seen, heard, valued and loved. The program is innovative and creative as it meets young people where they are through the use of engaging resources such as Lego. The “Living Saints" themed program for example uses a Pokémon inspired Beatitude Trading Cards game that encourages students to follow the example of young Saints (or young people soon to be declared Saints) such as Carlo Acutis and how they lived the Beatitudes. The encounter opportunities during the day help the students discover how they can live the very best version of themselves as they explore joyful Gospel messages, the principals of Catholic Social Teaching and the Beatitudes. Run since 2018, the program has proven success with the participating students volunteering for peer-to-peer ministry throughout their secondary schooling, forming Catholic Identity committees and being inspired to engage in social justice initiatives in their schools.  ​