Starting High school

​​​​​​​​​​​Starting High school is a major jump and the transition can be just as challenging as starting Prep. Secondary schooling is a very different system and students are expected to be far more independent. Rest, part-time work, stress management, the ability to make friends  and to balance school work and outside school commitments become the new basics of learning how to transition in high school years. 

Students starting high school can worry ​about how to navigate a new and bigger campus, too much homework, making new friends, being lost and late for class, and how to read a timetable.  
Parents can help their child develop confidence routine by making sure they know as much as they can about their new school and routines. Be certain of starting and finishing times, term dates, school break times, school policies and procedures, and who you or your child needs to speak to when you have a question.


Advice from our students

Moving from primary to secondary college can be a big hurdle with new subjects, friendships, essays and timetables to balance. We gathered some tips from Year 7 graduates about navigating these challenges.