PoTENtial: the Power of Ten to Inspire and Lead is a formation leadership program of faith, connection, empowerment and encounter that is specifically designed for students in Year 10. The aim is for the participating students to discover that we are all called to be leaders and we don't need to wait to be tapped on the shoulder in order to make a difference! PoTENtial is open to all students who want to step outside their comfort zone and develop courage to use their innate gifts and potential to inspire, empower and lead others by contributing to the wider community. PoTENtial seeks to encourage students to draw on tradition, prayer and action through powerful ritual and liturgy, inspirational keynote speakers and hands-on workshops, exploring a different theme each year to reflect, discern and rejuvenate. Most of all, the program affirms their direction, purpose and intention of what God is asking of them at this point in time through meaningful and student-centred prayer, ritual, liturgy and reflection. The program is successful in inspiring students to put their new-found passions and drive into authentic social action and contribute to various PoTENtial partners like Caritas, Catholic Mission and Vinnies Youth. The greatest testimony is that many of the participants end up volunteering their time as peer-mentors for the Years 5 and 6 Be a 5th Gospel formation program. ​​